Rhythm Dribble's revolutionary Neuromuscular Dribble Training (NDT) program leverages the science of neuromuscular activation and adaptation to build muscle memory and reduce injuries. This is a unique approach to basketball training programs.    As a result, players are more confident, have greater poise, and are prepared to think more strategically in game time situations because they are no longer concentrating so intently on each dribble of the ball.

We refer to ourselves as a "performance diagnostics" company because we analyzed hundreds of moves performed at the collegiate and professional level.  From those, we selected the 180 most common or essential moves in today’s game.  We rated each move based on 11 independent factors (hand speed, coordination, hip rotation, etc…), put them in hierarchical order based on their relationships to each other and divided them across 5 stages of skill development according to their level of complexity.  Now we can watch an athlete perform a move, score their performance and recommend a “prescription” for improvement.  That prescription can then be delivered to the athlete through our mobile app. 

With our NDT program, a player can objectively monitor their own progress.  Self-confidence develops faster and the player sees how hard work and practice pay off.  This can influence the rest of a players life, including their academic performance.

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