Rhythm Dribble/ LBGC’s Homework Club

at the Laurel Boys and Girls Club


  • Boxing
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Math & Computers


  • Quality Care
  • Academic Support
  • Effective Basketball Development

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort”

--Paul J. Meyer

Choose 1 of 3 training tracks: Shooting, Rhythm Dribbling or Fitlight Training

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  • Less than $150 per week
  • Free Transportation Services
  • Dedicated, Quiet Homework time
  • Rhythm Dribble Sessions (Incl. one of three tracks: (1) Shooting, (2) Dribbling and (3) Fit light coordination activities)
  • Film Study
  • Games, Arts & Crafts
  • 4 hours per day (2:30-6:30)

What I can expect daily

  • Homework time
  • Rhythm Dribble 3 choice Sessions
  • Relax, Film and Read (Games)

What I can expect daily:

  1. Dedicated, Quiet Homework time
  2. Rhythm Dribble Sessions/ Competitive basketball games
  3. Cool Down/ Transition
  4. Relax, Film and Read (Games)
  5. Organize (Athletics and Academics) and Prepare for the Next Day

When a Student-Athlete arrives at Rhythm Dribble’s After School Academy, their first task is their homework. For best homework results, please make sure student-athletes have clear homework assignments and they have appropriate HW supplies (While we are not tutors, we will assist in the completion of homework). Next, student-athletes will complete their approximately 1 hour Rhythm Dribble Session (only on Monday-Thursdays). On Friday’s, they will engage in games, arts & crafts, trips to the library, extensive film study and much more.

Afterschool 2017-2018 rates:

  • Registration fee: $75
  • Uniform fee (Shirt): $35
  • Monthly Rates:
  • 5 days per week: $510 per month
  • 3 days per week: $400 per month

Weekly Rates: See Drop-In Rates.

*There is a slightly higher charge for shooting machine track and there is a limited amount of spots per week.

Drop-In Rates:

  • $12 per Hour/ $36 Daily
  • Drop-in rates: will pertain to anyone not paying for the month.