Vertimax Training

The Vertimax gives trainers the opportunity to improve athlete’s strength, speed,  quickness and vertical jumps.  The evidence for their growth in athleticism will be seen as the athlete escapes a defender for a slam dunk, scrambles for a rebound, explodes to the basket for a lay-up or aggressively moves laterally in two directions in their defensive slide.

Rhythm Dribble’s goal is to improve athletes’ performance on the basketball court. Rhythm Dribble has witnessed athletes hard work yield results in the past, whether it was making their AAU team, the JV/Varsity team at their school or preparing for a NBA workout. As athletes’ aspirations grow, there needs to be technology identified that can support them.  A Vertimax workout and all of its versatility is a great tool to help athletes reach new heights.


$30 per individual training session with the Vertimax trainer
$100 for 4 personal training sessions with the Vertimax trainer 

  • Appointments are required
  • There is a 24 hour advanced notice required
  • Must sign waiver